Financial and Accounting System

Financial and Accounting System

Financial and Accounting System (FAS) is effective, efficient, securable and flexible customized software solution that manage all financial management processes, accounting standard procedures, Document Management System which can manage related documents underlying your organization.

This system includes not only the budget allocation management but also to handle auditable reports management. This system is used in ministry office, department of progress of border areas and national races and depart of education and training. This project includes accounting systems, budget allotment, budget planning, and business analytical reporting that will fits for your organization.

User Role Management
User Management
Income Category Management
Expense Category Management
Income Management
Expense Management
Department Management
Bank Withdrawal and Cheques Management
Budget Year Management
Allowance Management
Bank Deposit Management
Next Budget Year's Prediction
Excel Import
Monthly Statistics
Customized Web-based Solution

Why our FAS?

One of the best features is that the system is customizable to the needs of your business and not the same like other ready-made software which are not flexible and difficult to fit in with the requirements. This system has standard financial and accounting functions and reporting functions for powerful analysis.

Insightful Dashboard

Graphs which are pinned on easy to understand, user-friendly dashboard, will bring you to another level of business financial analysis.


Our system can generate numerous types of reports such as monthly, quarterly, yearly reports, Head Departmental Accounts Reports, Summary reports etc. Our System can generate not only standard financial reports but also customized reports.

System Configuration

An efficient and effective accounting system is built with a flexible system configuration.  You can customize Department, Branches, Budget Year, Budget Title on a simple configuration interface. 


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Financial and Accounting System

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