Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System is a versatile software solution that will help you manage hotel internal administrations, booking, services, facilities with optional components such as swimming pool and gym. It can be used at hotels, motels, guest houses, inns, resorts and hostels.

Our product Hotel Management System (HMS) includes standard and necessary modules for various aspects of hotel management and all the features required in a Hotel Management, which are

  • User role and user management for authorization and authentication,
  • Customer management for customer relationship and loyalty program,
  • Room type and room management,
  • Facilities or inventory management,
  • Service management for breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service, mini-bar, laundry service, etc.
  • Swimming pool and gym management for both guests who stay at the hotel and guests who come only to swimming pool and gym,
  • Reception for booking,
  • Expense category and expense management
  • Business Analytical Reporting
Administration Dashboard
User Role Management
User Management
Customer Management
Room Type Management
Room Management
Inventory Management
Service Management
Booking Management
Swimming Pool Management
Gym Management
Room Packages Management
Expense Category Management
Expense Management

Why our HMS

Overcome the manual administration of your hotel and transform into technology-powered solutions. Our customized web-based solution will help you achieve your hotel management to another level.

Manage property and reduce maintenance costs

Manage your facilities, minibar, available services with real-time data of transaction and usage with the help of HMS so that your maintenance costs will be greatly reduced.


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Hotel Management System