Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System (IMS) is a web-based enterprise application to track and manage products along the supply chain. This system integrates with warehouse management, vendor management, production management, user management, and units of measurement. The key functions of the inventory management system are initial inventory setting, inventory operation management (reception, delivery, return), item movement, reports, and configuration. 

IMS web-based administration has fourteen modules such as administration dashboard, system configuration, product management, user role management, user management, vendor management,  warehouse management, location management, units of measurement, initial inventory setting, inventory operation management, item movement, inventory tracking, and analytic reports. 

Administration Dashboard
User Role Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Operation Management
System Configuration
User Management
Location Management
Analytic Reports
Units of Measurement
Vendor Management
Inventory Tracking
Initial Inventory Setting
Product Management
Item Movement

Benefits of IMS 

  • Reducing inaccuracies of items 

  • Monitoring inventory data records and tracking processes 

  • Getting Cost-effective in management of deadstock and overstock situations  

  • Improving management in vendor, product, warehouse, inventory, and data security 

  • Analytic reporting includes monthly item status, deadstock, overstock, product, warehouse, and location.

Maximize your inventory management

You can increase your stock with purchase orders. When products arrive, they are put away to respective warehouses. With our system, you can track which products are stocked in each warehouse very easily by organizing everything into locations and zones. You can also manage units of measurement for assembling and kitting. Our system automatically updates your stock levels based on sales orders.


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