Project Management System

Project Management System

A project Management System is especially designed for Government Sector which can manage and record detailed information of the project. The system is purposed to manage all project information, project’s ongoing status, budgeting status, and completed the status of the project.  The system includes not only a proposal management process that can submit through the township, district, region to Ministry but also include a project planning process on which projects are going to be implemented with how many budgets. The system also includes Tender Management Process which can record which companies are implementing the approved projects.  There is also a Mobile Application that allows the system to monitor the status of how many percentages are completed on the project.  A Project Management System includes modules such as Proposal Management Process, Workflow Management, Project Planning, Tender Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Document Management, Meeting Record Management, Project Type Management, User Role, and User Management, etc.

User Role Management
User Management
Proposal Management
Proposal Workflow Management
Main Project Management
Project Planning
Tender Management
Project Monitoring
Project Evaluation
Document Management
Document Workflow Management
Meeting Record Management
Meeting Type Management
Project Type Management
Mobile Application

Advantages of PMS 

  • Accurate implementation of projects without any delays. 

  • Can implement a paperless system and increase staff capacity. 

  • Government staff can get quality work through a system. 

  • Good record keeping and one-on-one monitoring and evaluation of requested and implemented activities. 

  • To ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the projects on the allocation of funds of the Department and to reduce the recurrence of work. 

Proposal Management

The basic step of project is start with the detail proposal for the project. The proposal management module starts with user filling information about the projects, such as project types, location, budget etc. Step 2 includes detail information of the proposer, and step 3 includes the purpose of the projects, obstacle which can encounter during implementation of the projects, expected results and sustainability plan of the projects.  A complete proposal is sending to respective Ministry through a workflow process which start from Township to District, District to Region and Region to relative departments.

Document Management

Document Management plays an important role in Project Management System, which are important for sending project proposal or sending office letter. Our document management system includes sharing office letter, storing files, workflow of sharing office letter etc.  Documents can be sent in both vertical and horizontal workflow for Internal Department of Ministry or Organization.

Tender Management

After projects proposal are evaluated and approved by the Ministry or Organization, the approved projects are announced for Tender Process. A Tender Management System in our Project Management System can record detail information of tenderer’s information, winner of tender, contract etc.  Report Modules in Tender Management System can help user in tracking of the project such as which project are implemented by which company with how many budgets.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Our system also has mobile application to monitor status of projects.  Mobile user can view and evaluated his/her respective projects. User can search project by project no., tender no. and submit project completion status via mobile phone.  Project completion status can be a photograph of the project, GPS data etc. Completion status of each project is evaluated and make payment by authorized users.

System Configuration

A simple system configuration can help user to manage and modify data of the project such as budget year, project types, sub project type, measure unit etc.


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