School Management System

School Management System

School Management System is a web-based solution for any kinds of schools, colleges and institutes which will be used as a platform for interaction between teachers, parents and students. School admins, teachers, and student’s guardians are the core users of school management system.

The admin can access the administration dashboard and school management modules such as enrollment management, waiting list management, branch management, batch management, program management for courses, classes, and sections for all branches, exam management, notification management, book delivery management.

Teachers can record attendance of the students, send the notifications to parents or guardians of the students, and receive the responses from them. Via notifications, the guardians can be informed the event on time and the appointments can be made through this.

For the guardians, android and iOS mobile applications are available. Through mobile app, guardians can browse programs and exams without logging in. They can create accounts on their own and after registering and logging in, they can enroll their children for programs and exams by paying the programs’ fees or exams’ fees via online payments. Online payments, such as CB pay, KBZ pay and AYA pay, can be integrated according your school’s requirement.

Administration Dashboard
Branch Management
Batch Management
Program/Course Management
Section Management
Exam Management
Enrollment Management
Waiting List Management
Counter Registration
Notification Management
Course Book Delivery Management
Online Enrollment
Online Payments
Mobile Applications for Guardians (Android & iOS)

Why do you choose School Management System?

  • Reduce workload from the teachers
  • Teacher-Guardians Collaboration
  • Reduces paper files
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Easy Online Enrollment
  • Integration with Online Payments (CB Pay, KBZ pay, AYA pay, etc.)
  • Customized to your needs
  • A very responsive and supportive technical team

School Administration Management

The system includes various necessary features for school administration such as program management, section management, exam management, branch management, batch management, enrollment management, waiting list management, notification management, and book delivery management. With those features, a lot of time and energy can be saved for school admins and thus, hasting the school administration processes.

Mobile Applications for Guardians

The guardians or parents of the students of your school will have their phones install the mobile applications of our School Management System. They can browse the course, classes, sections, and exams just by installing and opening it because this process does not need the users to register and log in. However, the user must log in first in order to enroll their children online. The fees for the enrollment must be paid by online payments such as CB pay, KBZ pay, and AYA pay. If the enrollment is going over the limit, it will go to the waiting list and will be approved and assigned to an available section or branch by school admins.

Transparency with guardians increases

The guardians will be informed via in-app notification by admins or teachers about the school events, holidays, or the status of their children. The guardians can also respond to each notification. With notifications and responses, teachers and guardians can make an appointment to discuss about the students, thus making it easier for the teacher-guardian collaboration.


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Event Management System

Financial and Accounting System

Hotel Management System