Service Management System

Service Management System

Service Management System (SMS) is the web-based enterprise application to manage the services of the company such as installations, services, repairs of the devices, system supports, and equipment maintenance. This system has two main developments: web-based administration dashboard and mobile App.  SMS automates and streamlines repetitive and detailed tasks and enables executives to focus on the business’ growth.  

SMS web-based administration has seven modules such as administration dashboard, system configuration, user profile setting, product management, user role management, user management, customer management, work order management, schedule management, service category management, service management, dispatch the resources and services, tracking the services and resources, the performance of the services, inventory management, and analytic reports.

Administration Dashboard
User Role Management
Schedule Management
Service Category Management
System Configuration
User Management
Dispatch the resources and services
Service Management
User Profile Setting
Customer Management
Tracking the services and resources
Inventory Management
Product Management
Work Order Management
Performance of the services
Analytic Reports

Benefits of SMS 

  • Improved the operations and performance 

  • Easily monitored customer services, engineering services, products, human resource performance, daily activities 

  • Gain Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

  • Increased the management of services, customers, products, brands, and engineers/ service people 

  • Mobile App includes self-service efficiencies and workload reduction of administrative supports 

  • Analytic reporting includes monthly work orders by service categories, services, engineers, date, brand and customers

Maximize your service management

With our system, the engineer can either create or check request work order according to his permission and quotation can be sent to customer. He can plan the schedule and assign it to the other engineers. Then the assigned engineer can record the service status with mobile application. If the servicing is completed, our system can send invoice and service completion letter to customer.


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